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Szodakirály Kft. = Sodaking Ltd. / Sodakönig Gmbh.

We make bottled carbonated water.

This means the traditionally sodawater, selzter or “szikvíz”.

Sodawater ingredients: H2O + CO2 = H2CO3

( filtered, purified drinking water + carbon dioxide 7 gram/liter = sodawater)

In a bottle is very high pressure. More than 5 bar! (In a car rubber wheel is about 2 bar.)

This high pressured carbon dioxid give the water a special sour, fress taste and antibacterisierd to.

Soda water is a “Hungaricum”. More than 150 years makes soda water in Hungary.

66% of the population  drinks sodawater in Hungary.

Soda water was invented by Ányos Jedlik, a teacher at the Benedictine secondary school in Győr. The scientist got seriously engaged in the project of working out the industrial production scheme of soda water and artificial mineral water in Hungary between 1828 and 29, which had been already used by physicist in Geneva since 1798. He invented a machine which made saturation with carbon dioxide cheap. The medical professor’s friends made him utilize this procedure not for the sake of earning but because the patients in the hospital were grateful for the refreshing soda water, the artificial medical water. Soon the doctors’ veracity had been proved: a cholera epidemic swept through the country in 1831-32 and soda water – which did not diffuse the infection – brought relief and ease to those suffering.

Our factory is located in Hungary, 20 km from Budapest.

Adress: Hungary, 2337, Délegyháza, Bányász sor 21.

Our products:

- 1-liter sodawater in glass (retrosoda):
glassbottle price 1000Ft (3.3 Eur),         sodawater 150Ft (0.5 Eur)
- 1-liter sodawater in plastic bottle:
plastic bottle price 300Ft (1 Eur),           sodawater 100Ft (0.3 Eur)
- 2-liter sodawater in plastic bottel:
plastic bottle price 400Ft (1.3 Eur),       sodawater 150Ft (0.5 Eur)
- 20-liter sodawater in stainless steel tank:
tank price 30.000Ft (100Eur),                sodawater 1000Ft (3.3 Eur)

-19 liter bottled still water:  normal, Pi-water, Alkaline-water
bottle deposit 2200Ft (7.3Eur)                water 1600-2300Ft (5.3-7.7Eur)

For further informations contact us / weitere Information, bitte schreiben oder rufen uns:  info@szodakiraly.hu / +36-20-277-4572 / or bellow in the message box / oder senden Sie eine Mitteilung hier unten

szikvízüzem - sodafactory

szikvízüzem – sodafactory

termékek - products

1-liter, 2-liter, retro soda





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